Approved Policy Statements

Pastoral Council
001-COU Conflict of Interest
002-COU Same Gender Marriage
003-COU Confidentiality and Communication
004-COU Privacy Standards
004-COU-PR Privacy Standards Procedure
005-COU Annual Report
006-COU Smoke-Free & Scent Reduced Environment
Financial Management Team
001-FIN Memorial Fund
002-FIN Fee Structure for Weddings & Funerals
Hospitality and Friendship Team
001-HF Friendship Hour
Ministry and Personnel Team
001-MIN Record Keeping
002-MIN Scope of Functions and Responsibility
Communications Sub-Team
001-COM Website Management
Christian Development Team - (Worship, Music, Programs)
001-CD Baptism
002-CD Sacrament of Holy Communion
002-CD-PR Communion Leaders – Scope of Responsibility
002-CD–CF Communion Leaders – Scope of Responsibility Coming Forward Method
003-CD Marriage Covenant Services
004-CD Greeters – Scope of Responsibility
005-CD Risk Analysis – Volunteer Programming
Pastoral Care Team
001-PCR Pastoral Messages
002-PCR CD Ministry
003-PCR Visitation Program
Community Outreach Sub-Team
001 – CMO Requests for Benevolent Assistance
Property Management Team
001 – PRM Use of Facilities

Copies of each policy statement above are available through the church office at (506) 546-3532
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