COVID-19 Response

  • COVID-19 Response


    First United Church COVID-19 Response

    As we continue on our Lenten journey toward Easter, we find ourselves on another unexpected journey.  This new COVID-19 journey is filled with uncertainties, potholes, challenges and sometimes fear or anxiety.

    During this troubled time, the council of First United Church has had to make some tough decisions and changes to the routines and activities of our church.  Our primary concern must be the safety and health of our church family and our wider community in general.  Our council is very mindful of the recommendations issued by the government and medical community regarding social distancing and other precautions in its attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19 and will be adhering to those recommendations as closely as possible. 

    Therefore, the following measures will be put into effect as of March 17, 2020. 

    • Our church office hours will be Monday – Friday, 9AM – 12 NOON

    • Our office administrator will check each afternoon to address any messages which may have been left on our answering machine.

    • Regular Sunday services in the Sanctuary have been cancelled until further notice.

    • We are investigating video streaming of our Sunday service through our website ( and Facebook group.

    • Extra CDs of our services will be available to those who are unable to access internet.  Just make a call to the office to make arrangements.

    • You will be receiving regular voice mail messages, and emails to keep you updated on the situation and any changes which may be required.

    • Our website and Facebook group will be updated regularly to keep you up to date.

    • Rev. Neal and the Pastoral Care team will make regular telephone contact with those who may be ill, shut-in or in need of their services.

    • Rentals will be cancelled for the immediate future. 

    • We will review these measures regularly and make any changes as they become necessary.


    Many people in our community may be experiencing hardships, challenges, anxiety, fear etc. during these uncertain times.  Please check in on those who may be in need and let Rev. Neal (655-7592)or the Pastoral Care Team (Pat Brown 546-4322) know of anyone who may need some assistance with the new challenges of life (or just a listening ear) so that we can make contact and offer our assistance. 

    Although we have had to make changes in our regular routine, our financial commitments remain unchanged.  If you are not on PAR, we hope you will continue your financial support of our church by dropping your weekly offering off at the church office or mailing a cheque to us.  Thank you for your continued support of First United Church.                  

                                                                                                                                    Sandra Boone

                                                                                                                                    Chair of Council


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